How to Stream To Twitch on The XBOX One

By Gavin | July 04, 2018

How to Stream To Twitch on The XBOX One

This brings a tutorial on how to stream your Xbox between one console and twitch, and how to set up your broadcast, how to edit the title, and how to connect with others.

Today I'm going to bring you a little tutorial on how to stream your Xbox, one console to twitch, or how to leap twitch to your Xbox One console.

First, what you need to do is you need to go over, now you see I do have in the twitch up right there, but we're not going to mess with that, right now we're just going to grab, I'm going to show you the long way, just in case I even have a pinned over to the left, as you can see a little corner of it, but go ahead, and go to my games and apps, I was already messing with it.

Here's where you're going to start, you're going to start with the games, you're going to on your left, you're going to go down to apps in your course, you're going to go to your twitch app right there, you're going to go to twitch and you see right here how's this broadcast, so you go ahead and click broadcast, and now what's it's going to, there we go now, you see right there, on the website in or the six-digit thing to start, so what you're going to do now is you're going to go ahead and go over to your computer, and you're going to enter that code, so once you enter that code, see it says you've done it, so now you see right there, hang on a minute, let me go back, there we go, now you see, it says "hi squishy banana".

Let's set up your broadcast, so you're going to go ahead, hit next and then right here should show you the camera preview, I really sure let me go ahead and move this for you, move me over there, you go now, you see the camera preview, but it just says loading, I'm not sure what the deal is right there, but you can enable the Kinect if you know for your streaming, and you can enable your microphone, so let's just keep that check and hit next, your broadcast title, so you just enter a broadcast, I'll just attend fall and then do it, let's do Titan killer, maybe there we go, go ahead, start to enter and now you can go, you can edit your settings, see you enable Kinect, and now you see the camera view cam or preview, so we can go ahead and do that, maybe if it loads and then right here, you can tell it where it's going to be showing your camera, so I want it in the top right corner, that seems reasonable to me, you got your Microsoft or your microphone volume, you can bump that up your stream quality, recommended 1/5, let's just go with high 2.0, so let's just go medium, go back up here, apparently just not going to show them my connection, you can go ahead and press the B button to go back a little bit, and you can't start broadcasting, and now it should be live, so let's go ahead and go check out my channel, and see if it is live Xbox unsnap, you can see, I'm entering the game, we're going to see this works, this is all test, a very good test.

I'm not sure if it's going to work yet, I haven't tested it yet, I was just making this tutorial on, so everyone knows how to do it, I won't prepare for it at all, but there we go, I'm going to go to my channel and bam there, you go look at that, I am now broadcasting Titanfall Titan killer, and just for people that will ask a silly question right here, I'm going to turn my TV down, I headed up, because I was using Skype earlier with my little baby, my little two-year-old skyping me from her mama's cell phone, if I can technology nowadays it's pretty good, there we go, so now right here to edit your title and there's like that.

Hope you can go right here, you can edit the title and everything like that, playing Titanfall I made a 360 tutorial on how to do this, how to link in everything like that, and this is exactly what I was doing, so this concludes my tutorial.