Twitch TV Activate | How to Stream From PS4 to Twitch or YouTube

By Gavin | October 28, 2019

For Twitch TV activate and this is on how to stream from your ps4 to twitch or YouTube.


Connect the twitch account to the console

Now the first thing I want to do is at the console go ahead and hold the share button on your ps4. Once you hold the share button down, go down to sharing and broadcast settings, and now you're going to head down the link with other services, now depending on which one you want to stream with. I'll select either twitch or YouTube will start off doing the twitch one.

Go ahead and click on twitch, and go ahead click on sign-in, and once you get to this screen it's going to give you an option. What you need to do is go to twitch that TV/activate to put in this code here, which is the 3feveD, let me go ahead and enter that, and then I'll show you exactly what I'm doing.

I still go ahead, go back to the desktop, basically what I did was I went ahead and I'll here was a Miss, just in case a little hard to see with the twitchTV/activate, put in that code that was showing on ps4, and now we're going to click on activate, and that's all you got to do to connect the twitch account to the console.

You have to be in an application for it to work

We'll go ahead, go back to the console, give it a few seconds to register, that code was activated, and there you go now. It is officially connected to your ps4, go ahead and click on OK. Once you click on ok, you need to go ahead and go back to the main screen.

Now to stream with the ps4, you have to be in an application for it to work. So you have to go ahead and open a game, etc, whatever you're going to use to stream is hold down the share button again, and now we need to click on broadcast gameplay, and we're going to go ahead and click twitch on this one.

Then basically need to set your title, set your quality, be very careful with your quality, because depending on your internet speed you want you to need to choose based off of what your speed is, also depending on whether you have a standard ps4 or a ps4 Pro will depend on whether you have a 1080p option to stream at.

To do the settings and connect for Twitch TV activate

But just be careful, if you choose 60 frames per second make sure you have the internet capability to do that, which I'm sure if you go to Google and type in like which one should I choose, sixty or thirty, there'll be a lot of different options for you. It'll show you what you need.

Now you can go and click on your microphone and audio broadcast, display messages, etc, or whatever you want here, and then you just go ahead and hit start broadcasting.

For you trying to connect to your YouTube and stream to your YouTube account from your ps4, what you need to do is go ahead on the ps4 controller, hold down the share button, head down the sharing, and broadcast settings, and then head down to link with other services.

Once you get here, go ahead and press X on YouTube, and go ahead and click on sign-in now, where you want to go ahead and click on your email or phone number placing your email or phone number, depending on how you have your account set up.

Authorization code to select allow or deny

We'll go ahead and enter that and then you need to go ahead and enter your password. , I'm going to go ahead and leave this out, so you can't see this, and I got enter my authorization code, now you want to select the account and now in this screen, it's going to ask you to allow or deny.

You need to make sure you go ahead and hit allow, this is saying we can use your account on the stream, etc on YouTube, so go ahead and hit allow. Once you in allow, your YouTube is now connected to your PlayStation. Now basically the same way with a twitch, you need to go ahead and hop into an application, hold down the share button, click on broadcast gameplay.

This time we're going to select youtube, and, you can select all your settings, your tags as always, you need to make sure your quality is set based on what your internet speed is. Go ahead and set your title, your description, whether you want to include, microphone, audio broadcasts, whether you want to display messages on screen.

Then basically once you're all finished with all that, go ahead and hit start broadcasting, that is all there is to it, how to stream the twitch or YouTube from the PlayStation.